Investment Protection

Here at Rocky Mountain Bumper we sell "investment protection at the lowest possible cost. Our research and experience has shown that Truck Defender's #1 concern is the protection and safety of your investment.

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Rocky Mountain Bumper Sells: "Investment Protection"

So, just exactly what is your investment? We consider your investment to be:

  • 1. Your Personal, Passenger's & Family's Safety
  • 2. Your Truck or Semi
  • 3. Your Cargo – Your Trailer
Pickup Aluminum Bumper

At The Lowest Cost

Accordingly, truck-owner reviews consistently show that Truck Defender has achieved their primary objective of manufacturing a bumper that delivers the highest investment protection with their design and manufacturing standards, materials and process.

Then, how does that 'investment protection translate into a lower cost for the Truck Defender bumpers? By lowering your costs while protecting your investment by:

  • MAXIMIZING your personal, passenger's and family's SAFETY at the lowest cost possible
  • The LEAST possible DAMAGE to your truck/semi/trailer during a collision
  • REDUCING any possible cargo LOSS or DAMAGE
  • MINIMIZING potential DAMAGE & MAINTENANCE to front axle and bearings
  • LOWERING your transportation-fuel-operating COSTS & MAXIMIZING earnings

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Investment Protection

Your investment protection and cost savings is achieved with Truck Defender's light-weight aluminum bumper. Armor on the road that is 6-times stronger and more flexible than other grill guards on the market.

Every Truck Defender bumper is:

  • Made with 100% American-sourced materials:
  • Formed with 1/4" Marine grade aluminum (1800 PSI compared to 300 PS)
  • 100-125 lb vs: the typical aluminum or steel bumpers that can weigh 350 -500 pounds
  • More flexible: will want to return to formed shape under minor impacts
  • Designed so you can carry larger and heavier loads...without risking your investment or safety
  • Finished in your choice of: a polished, black- powdered or brushed finish.
  • Built for easy installation and no drilling is required

Truck Defender's quality manufacturing results in:

  • Fewer repairs of front end components during ownership (ball joint repairs can cost up to or exceed $2000/ job)
  • Bends that are located to optimize strength
  • A Boxed Mounting System with Corner Gussets
  • Maximum right and left ear protection
  • A stronger headlight pipe through the body and not relying on a weld.
  • A formed bumper to flow with the vehicle’s body

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Rocky Mountain Bumper features exclusively, the entire line of Truck Defender bumpers and accessories for any make or model of truck. And, we can customize to your needs and specifications.

Rocky Mountain Bumper maintains the Truck Defender products are the best in the industry and last longer than other competing brands. We are proud to represent the quality of their work and reputation.

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