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A Classic American Story

​The Truck Defender story is an 'American classic'. The remarkable start-up and growth of Truck Defender is well documented by Lynn Stanley in an interview with Dean Johnson, CEO of Prairie Industries, the inventor and manufacturer of the Truck Defender aluminum bumpers and truck accessories; for pickup, semi, and sport models. Stanley's article titled, "Defender around the bend" first appeared in May 2013 in the FF Journal, a metal fabricating & forming technology magazine. Now a 'digital legacy', the Truck Defender aluminum bumper story can be accessed by the global community and serve as a reminder to Americans and entrepreneurs worldwide as to what made America great and how to "make America great again".

If you are a pickup or semi-truck owner looking to 'protect your investment at the lowest cost', be sure to check out our online aluminum truck bumper inventory here at Rocky Mountain Bumper. We have the finest pickup and semi-truck bumpers and accessories that are 100% American-made and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

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The Story of Rocky Mountain Truck Bumpers

For over 5 years, Richard Johnson, owner of Rocky Mountain Truck Bumpers has worked with Truck Defender, whose history, quality manufacturing, and reputation can’t be beaten by any other brand. That’s why Rocky Mountain recommends exclusively the Truck Defender aluminum bumper for your pickup or semi-trucks.

Truck Defenders Beginning

Like most things, necessity is the mother of invention. While driving a truck and trailer through North Dakota late one night, Dean's wife Becky hit four deer. Dean needed to fix the grill, but was loath to use steel because it was so heavy. Instead, he chose to put his experience welding aluminum to use by forming the material into a lightweight yet durable bumper. From there, Dean & Becky worked together to create their very own American Dream.

Prairie Industries began as a small, rural welding and repair shop in 2003. Ron Johnson did the mechanic work while Dean built customized steel flatbeds. Becky worked in Sturgis at Sturgis Vet and then came home to manage the shop office and help Dean with the horse-training business. Later on, they built their own shop on their ranch, which was 320 acres of no fences, bare buildings, and the three kids. That first aluminum truck bumper stayed on that pickup until 2011, protecting that truck and the growing family in it from numerous deer collisions.

The first years of any new company are tough, especially when you’re starting from nothing. Becky scoured websites for unique businesses that would benefit from aluminum pickup or semi-truck bumpers. She emailed photos, talked to local agriculture newspapers and magazines, carried brochures wherever she and Dean went, and mailed brochures across the United States. Eventually, her persistence paid off, and the orders started to come in. To date, some of the leading ambulance manufacturers in the U.S. that carry Truck Defender aluminum bumpers started with a mailed brochure over ten years ago.

Keeping it Lean

Rocky Mountain Truck Bumpers is dedicated to providing high-quality aluminum truck bumpers for pickup, semi, and sport models. Founder Dean Johnson and shop foreman Will have both earned bronze certification in Lean Manufacturing, and to ensure these practices are upheld throughout the business, new employees are required to attend Lean 101 classes to get acquainted with the lean philosophy.

If you’re looking for a sleek and reliable aluminum truck bumper that you can trust to protect your vehicle from whatever the road has to throw your way, then be sure to contact the experts at Rocky Mountain Truck Bumpers. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the right bumper for your truck.