Rocky Mountain Truck Bumpers

Rocky Mountain Truck Bumpers

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Rocky Mountain Aluminum Truck Bumper

Shipping Costs, Production & Delivery Dates.

Current shipping costs are ranging between $300 and $800 per bumper within the United States. A 'Delivery' date for your bumper order is subject to material and supply-chain issues. For a more exact quote on shipping costs and an estimated production and delivery date, call us at (801) 541-4719.

Pickup Aluminum Bumper

Pickup Truck Aluminum Bumpers

  • The only pickup aluminum replacement bumper that is made in the USA.
  • 6 times stronger than any other bumper (including steel).
  • Specifically designed for all makes and models of pickup trucks.

"A classy grille-guard that protects without compromising strength, durability and appearance"

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TD sport Bumper

TD Aluminum Sport Bumper

  • Introducing the highest quality & most durable winch compatible aluminum bumper available on the market!
  • Truck Defender has spent the last 13 years developing and improving their products and procedures. These same processes and design applications have been incorporated into the "TD Sport Bumper".

"Truck Defender protects your investment with the lightest and best collision protection available".


Aluminum Truck Bumper Investment Protection

Free Report Reveals...The 5 ways the industry's #1 Truck Bumper protects your fleet assets at a lower, per-mile-cost % increases revenue, per load, over competing bumper manufactures.

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Semi Aluminum Bumper

Semi Aluminum Truck Bumpers

  • 3/8" Marine grade aluminum - flexible, has memory and "wants to return" to formed-shape.
  • Full length frame assembly that extends to each tire ensuring the strongest mount.
  • OEM Tow-hooks are accommodated in all truck bumpers.​

"The Truck Defender "semi" bumpers are lighter and more durable than any other brush guard; aluminum or steel".

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